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What we do

We create new markets and innovative products and services. We accelerate ideas with a human centered approach.



We all get outside, learn, ask and validate. Business models and products are put to the test, altered, digitized and combined. Early-stage prototypes are created. Your experts ideas are accelerated with our process and methods.



Benchmarks and market changes are being incorporated in the strategy. The ecosystem and the service or product is fully shaped. We determine where and how to move forward, based on rapid but solid research.



We add skills in Design Thinking, Validation, Lean Startup and Rapid Prototyping to teams. We produce digital and physical prototypes (ranging from app mockups to video’s and from wood to 3d-printed metal). We help create rapid prototypes, to get your ideas to your customers faster and learn about demand.

Who we are

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Janko Grassère

Janko is a problem-solver by nature. With 10+ years of international experience in IT, ranging from developing products for Internet Of Things and healthcare to winning marketing prizes for creative campaigns. Skills; strategy, design thinking, digital marketing. Favorite materials; wood & steel. People-focused, friendly, driven, proud father & husband.

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Egid van Houtem

Egid is a creative entrepreneur with a love for knowledge in fields ranging from arts to business and tech. Egid is a fast and constant learner, connecting dots with new perspectives. Skills: Communication, design thinking, storytelling, digital business. Favorite tools; conversation and whiteboard. Enthousiastic, thinking by doing, walking wiki, happy father in a women household.


Digital is in our DNA

We live and breathe in a digital world and find ourselves on a constant quest to learn how this affects lives and organizations. With this mindset, we as digital natives, help organisations with digital transformation and business adaptation.


People at the Heart

We work with the expertise of you and your team, accelerating ideas and business. Understanding customers is pivotal in succeeding. We have a human centered approach that is essential in creating better products and better business.


Deep Toolbox

To achieve succes in such a complex proces, we add skills in design thinking, validation, lean startup, business model generation and rapid prototyping to teams. We produce prototypes both digital (from mockups to video’s) and physical (from wood to metal 3D printing).

Work with us

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